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Mercedes-Benz G55 AMG motor fails to start



A mileage of about seventy eight,000 km using the 2008 Mercedes-Benz G55 AMG.Motor chug phenomenon comes about following a vehicle experienced concludedsolar movie , when autel powerscan ps100 touring to 130m , and after that convert in the engine are notbegan once more : Person mirrored. Ignition swap can occasionally twist , twistand in some cases doesn't move , may start off even through the situation oftwist , it does not rotate , but typically flip the engine digital admirer .

Troubleshooting : Connecting STAR diagnostic , select G-class versions 463.270tests, the engine manage module is not really detected , there with their motorcommand module conversation failure , the existence on the same mother naturesince the most up-to-date ESP management module and transmission regulatemodule. It seems struggling to start thanks in the motor control module can notbe identified prompted by automobiles going in the safety explain . To theengine handle module can not be detected subsequent motives: no abilityHonda Diagnostic System kit (HondaHDS)supply ; CAN lineinteraction problems ; K line supplies a problem ; engine control moduleproblems. 1st look at the motor handle module ability supply fuse, the fuse issituated through the entrance passenger footwell in the front SAM commandmodule , eliminated the top fender rear SAM control module , upon inspection ,the fuse is intact and there is certainly voltage. Due to motor control moduleand front SAM manage module beside just about every other , and thought wewould take away the engine management module CarmanScan Lite plug terminals to look at whether an energy exists.When unplugging the motor handle module twine, found that many stains thereon .Asked the proprietor to be aware of , towards entrance windshield and windowglass paste Solar power Movies concluded soon after only appeared . Because ofto motor command module N3 / 1. Situated over the front passenger footwell ,dashboard listed below , when affixed towards front windshield sunshine film ,the h2o inside the dashboard , which flows down the wiring harness plugs atsome time triggered a conversation error with the engine control module alongwith the engine won't realize command module.

Troubleshooting: Just after commins inline their incredibly hot air rifle utilising an airgun and blow-dryand dry Change commissioning , troubleshooting.

Fault Summary: On account of h2o car or truck engine management module ,triggering the motive force are not recognized , as well as other programcomponents to speak , demonstrated the auto cannot start off the motor managemodule by way of the CAN knowledge bus connector with the EIS autel maxisys scan tool command module receives fiftyalerts get cracking regulate. ( touch- enabled) quickly executed in the motorhandle module.