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Hyundia Elantra 1.8 shakes when moving from 1st to 2nd gear


Yesterday, I repaired a Hyundia Elantra 1.8 with 67,000 km thereon

Yesterday, I repaired a Hyundia Elantra 1.8 with 67,000 km thereon. The auto owner described which the Hyundia often shaked during shifting, particularly when shifting from 1st to 2nd gear. I troubleshot the car with Autel DS708, but didn't retrieve any trouble code.


I went for a test drive while using the new driver. While he said, there is a robust impact during shifting. OK, the next would have been to determine where the problem lay. I first checked transmission fluid level, that is found fine. However used  DS708 again to troubleshoot the transmission control system. Again, no error code was retrieved. Furthermore used the car diagnostic tool to troubleshoot the engine system, but everything seemed OK.


Considering that the signal voltage inside throttle position sensor (as shown in picture 1) would directly influence the shifting efficiency from the transmission, I checked relevant data flow from the spare engine idling, and located that this output voltage of throttle position sensor was 0.4V. The phone number was in the normal range. However carried out a motor room fire stall test, and the problem staied. Now I could truthfully determine the issue was within the transmission.

I changed the four valves and proceeded another try, as well as the problem was solved.