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Peugeot 307 cannot start



Mileage Toyota Intelligent Tester It2 ofaround forty-eight,000 km ofDongfeng Peugeot 307 sedan guide transmission . Your vehicle alone stalled inan exceedingly relocating way , can not get rolling again.

Failure Examination: In the automotive vehicle was in motion but can't begintheir unique flame failure investigation of phenomena, the key produce of theengine are not begun whilst in the next locations : fault automobile batterypower provide or fuse box isn't normal hurt honda hds him can't provide regularoperating energy ; digital engine handle unit ( 1320 ) , the intelligentmanagement box (BSI) available in the fault ; passage there is a fault , thesetypes of as gasoline or gasoline tank inadequate Pump no longer workingadequately ; induced failure of mechanical factors , this type of as not enoughcylinder strain , the timing belt fracture or dislocation ; nonetheless themost frequent end in of failure exists electrical control circuit open circuit,shorter circuit or free wiring connectors or other aspects activated .

After the pick-up : the application of quick to complicated soon after theprimary prognosis , first browse the battery voltage is 12.37V, ordinary . gdsvci review Start the automobile with no auto phenomenon , lines in addition toother connecting portions from the examination also discovered noabnormalities. Therefore suspect that your command strategy is faulty , so whenusing the automobile all together DIAGBOX diagnostic testing, diagnosticeffects only clever control box (BSI) within you can find a description ofone's trouble : the motor fuse box , island dispenser management circuitfailure .

Failure to examine : Given that DIAGBOX have identified the fault place ,linked with emotions . examine the circuit inside gasoline program . Initial,the transfer from the gas technique schematics from Peugeot SERVICEBOX fixwebsite ( demonstrated in Figure one ) . In line with the circuit diagram totest gasoline pump fuse No. F5 , were being normal ; additionally disconnect fusebox (PSF1, exactly the same listed below ) line connectors , look at the fusebox towards the line one of several management unit and also the pump lineintact, no anomalies. Then transform the ignition switch , fuel pump didn'tperform the job indicators , will never pump continues to be broken or linechallenge ? Instantly detect an influence connector with the fuel pump , theeffects 6V/NR (6 -pin / black ) connector No. 3 pin centerline 1235L ability traces ( see Figure 1 )Electrical power is missing. So from the web page to discover fault or fuelpump fuse , fuse box and pump regulate device the particular two factors willneed been a difficulty ; initially look into the fuse box , in the event thedisconnect fuse box 28V/MR (28 pin / brown , shown in Determine 2 ) and 28V/GR(28 pin / gray , see Determine 1 ) connector , and found two sockets use amodest a higher level water over the monitor , which 28V/MR connectors severeh2o and also corrosion phenomenon. So , following depriving them of the streamblown clear , devote adbule emulator the first fuse box exam over again , carryon and cannot begin the auto . As a result, the use of substitute parts exam,direct swap a fuse box from the further of the same model automobile do thecontrary test technique , mounted the take a look at, the car start outgenerally.