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Mercedes-Benz C200 sedan can not get started



Mercedes-Benz C200 sedan. People report: the vehiclewill never start.

A mileage of about autologic diagnostic 58,000 km, motor andtransmission products had been 271,950 and 722,695 Mercedes-Benz C200 sedan. People report: the vehiclewill never start.

Troubleshooting : Very first confirm malfunction. Buyercalled me and explained the real key in to the ignition switch , convert thekey every one of the lights to the instrument is not lit, the digital steeringlock wouldn't convert inside the lock direction , start out the car no AK500ProSuper response . So very simple instrument to bring reduction . Justafter reaching the scene, set the key in the ignition swap to show the truesecret to get started on the machinethat response just isn't , cannot get started the car or truck. This phenomenon is brought on by thefault almost certainly causes are as follows : the entire car or truck isn'tany electrical energy , the secret is incorrect or broken , broken ignitionchange , digital steering lock is damaged , the front SAM handle devicedestroyed.

First, set the main element into your ignition swap , gotwo Dangqu open up headlights, horn, are usual, which has a multimeter toevaluate the battery voltageis additionally typical , by using a critical to unlock the lock to the commandwill also be regular, let consumers to another following the take around aessential examination is identical , excluding the initial two possibilities ,related into a singlediagnostic electronic ignition swap EZS, examine fault codes are: electric powered steering lock isdefective , there is a signal failure or an error message . Future, open theWIS recognize digital ignition change circuit, is often clearly seen in thedetermine ahead of the SAM, digital steering lock manage device , digitalignition change circuit relationship among the SAM during the 19th ahead of thefuse for the tachoprogrammer electronic ignition change N73 's C District No. one, theelectronic steering lock pin and a pair of -pin regulate device N26 / fivedelivers ability , around the 27th before the SAM fuse digital ignition switchB from the seventh district N73 pin presents ability , digital ignition switchN73 's C zone 2 pin quantity with the digital steering lock regulate deviceover the 4th pin N26 / five supplies electricity . After these traces anddistinct energy to immediately visit the insurer before the SAM 19 , the twentyseventh , the result is normal, the direct usage of a multimeter to evaluatethe availability voltage amongst the varied modules, the end result isstandard, and so the exclusion of pre- SAM, locked in an digital ignitionswitch N73 and between digital steering lock management device N26 / 5.

Next on the boot generatevariety approval testing, exam the premise that: ( one ) Switch the ignitionswitch ; ( 2 ) Prepare two keys ( demands two keys to acquire extra exactoutcomes ) . Move detection are: ( one ) the distant key into the ignitionchange N73 inelectronics ; ( 2 ) the true secret from your ignition swap N73 in digital pulled out ; ( 3 ) from theinstrument by instrument noticed within the real value of the digital ignitionswap , if we look at to determine the remote crucial isn't pulled down, thenthe electronic ignition change N73 harmed and wish replacing , the crucialelement here is to establish the distant handle to tug down , indicating thedigital ignition change no issue. The trouble is locked in N26 / five digitalsteering lock handle unit to communicate with prospects to explain the specificsituation soon after final call trailer towed the vehicle enterprise , thencame back again to established an electronic steering lock regulate device N26/ 5 along with a inexperienced vital , wait around until eventually the arrivalover the alternative. x431As electronic steering lock is actually a security component , when it seemsthe problem is difficult to break after demolition, the inexperienced key toget pretty added cautious mainly because it may only be utilized as soon as ,is going to be void if poor procedure , I set my experience to jot downsubstitute less than reference.