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How to know why your car can’t start?


One morning a few days ago, when I came out to our car andturn my car key, I get nothing except an engine roaring, I failed to start mycar. I am not a trained mechanic, it's hard to know what is causing my car notto start. Then I google for answers, and I get the answer. I follow the stepsto one-by-one check the Electrical No-Start Problems.

1st, I check my fuses associated with the starting system,it's not this problem

2nd, I find the battery doesn’t become dirty not corroded;

3rd,  I turn the key to the on position, the redwarning lights on my dash light up, then I turn the key to the start position,the dash warning lights turn off at this key position, it means ignition switchshould be ok.

At this moment, I have no idea what to do more, since Ihave no more knowledge and the skills to test the battery and the wire dad ornot. I have to trail my car to the nearby garage.

After listening to my trouble, the repairman said the mostcommon reason cars refuse to start is a dead battery. Then he took out a redhandheld test tool, I saw “LaunchBST-460 printed in the middle of the tool and batterysystem tester written at the bottom of this tool.  Hedirectly detected in the car , no remove the battery, after half an hour, therepairman showed me the printed report, it displayed “dead battery”. He said,this tool can test the battery of the loss of electricity, I was very lucky,BST-760 is their newly-imported tools, then I was curious which country theyimport from, he said it is China, then I said but as I know, some newspaperreport Chinese clone is not reliable, he said this online shop named, it is well-knownamong many garage, and more importantly, BST-760 original, it is made by thebig company Launch, so they took easy to use it. And I was much happier thatBST-760 help solve this starting problem.

By the way, thisexperience makes me feel guilty about my former prejudice towards Chinesemarket. I should not generalize about Chinese market simply by reading someindividual case. it is the truth that there are some clone in China, but thereare also original tools there, and why they have clone products, because thereare market overseas, after all not all users can afford to the expensiveoriginal products. In a word, we should be free from prejudice towards Chinesemarket.