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Original Launch X431 Diagun III Update Online X-431 Auto Scan Tool

Original Launch X431 Diagun III Update Online X-431 Auto Scan Tool
Original Launch X431 Diagun III Update Online X-431 Auto Scan ToolOriginal Launch X431 Diagun III Update Online X-431 Auto Scan ToolOriginal Launch X431 Diagun III Update Online X-431 Auto Scan ToolOriginal Launch X431 Diagun III Update Online X-431 Auto Scan ToolOriginal Launch X431 Diagun III Update Online X-431 Auto Scan Tool
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Launch X431 Scanner
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auto diagnostic tools obd
Diagun III
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  • color red

Packging & Delivery

  • 40cm x 30cm x 15cm
  • Min Order1 piece


Original Launch X431 Diagun III Update Online X-431 Auto Scan Tool :
1. 100% Original
2. Wireless diagnosis
3. 74 Car Models


Original Launch X431 Diagun III Update Online X-431 Auto Scan Tool

Launch X431 Diagun III Breif Introduction :

1. Newest scan tool
2. Wireless diagnosis
3. Fashionable and compact design
4. Long standby
5. Print screen function
6. Compare two groups of data flow oscillogram at the same time scale can be used

Software Version:2013.8-2 (Newest)

Launch X431 Diagun III Languages:

English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Russian, Arabic, Japanese, Traditional Chinese

Launch X431 Diagun III Description:

X-431 Diagun III is a newly developed diagnostic computer with full color display screen. By communicating with the powerful DBScar diagnostic connector via Bluetooth or cable, X-431 Diagun III can test almost all the domestic cars and the imported ones from Asia, Europe and America. Meanwhile it features high quality test, upgrading fast any where at any time and synchronized with the newest international models. It’s more credible in quality and performance when compared with other products.
X-431 Diagun III can be connected to external printer through USB port to print the diagnostic result in real time and support the large capacity TF card to store the diagnostic result. It has a smart, portable design and is easy to operate, and multiple languages are provided to cater for different areas in the world. on the X-431 Diagun III stands for Car Cloud logo. Car Cloud is a state-of-an-art individual application product, which is newly developed based on our LAUNCH’s vehicle diagnostic devices and technology service platform with independent intellectual property rights, mainly providing professional, intelligent vehicle monitoring and diagnosing service for car owners.
Car Cloud website is an portal site and service platform for world-wide automobile aftermarket, which, as one of core Telematics applications, aims to provide data processing and application service for car users and all Telematics service providers of automotive aftermarket by collecting front-end DBS diagnostic data, and combining mobile internet and background cloud processing technology.

Launch X431 Diagun III Features:

global scale can be used

Powerful diagnostic functions
Wireless diagnosis
Fashionable and Integrated design
Better battery system design
Easy for comparison and analysis
Two DataStream waveforms displayed in one screen

Launch X431 Diagun III Coverage

Demo,Smart diagnostic software,Smart OBDII
America Ford,Chrysler,GM,Acrus,INFINITI,Lexus.

Australia Ford,Holden

Brazil GM

Jiangling,SGMW,Tianjin,Xiamen Golden,XinKai,ZhongShun,Zhongxing,ZOTYE

Audi,Benz,BMW,Citroen,Europe Ford,Fiat,Jaguar,Lancia,Landrover,Opel,Peugeot,

Indonesia Daihatsu,Indonesia Suzuki,Mahindra,MARUTI,TATA





S.Africa Opel

Thailand Isuzu

Launch X431 Diagun III Specification:

Operating System

WIN CE 5.0


400 MHz ARM9

Memory Card

1G TF Card

Main Unit

Universal Serial Bus/USB

Main Unit Power


X-431 Diagun Connector


Display Screen

194X86X33MM, 4.3-inch LCD with touch screen

Rechargeable Battery

3800 mAh


Theoretically: 100m, suggest 15-20m

Upgrading Interface


Printer Interface


Color Touch Screen

480X272, 4.3”

Wireless communication Module



Standard USB 2.0 Ports

Working voltage of diagnostic adaptor

DC 12V (DC 24V not yet supported)

Printer available in Launch X431 Diagun III:

LENNOVO: LJ2250/LJ2250N, P3900 Series

BROTHER: P2150, 5200/6200 Series and MW-120,MW-140BT,MW-260 model.

Others: Printers available that support PCL printing language.

Launch X431 Diagun III Instructions:


Bluetooth (wireless) / Cable (wired) connections

2.Installation Location

Bluetooth (wireless) Connection Procedure of X-431 Diagun III:

I.Insert the TF card into the slot;

II.Find out the vehicle’s DLC;

III.Plug the 16 PIN end of DBScar diagnostic connector into the vehicle’s DLC.

Launch X431 Diagun III FAQ:

Q: Why the LCD touch screen responds so slowly in cold weather?

A: It is because the ambient temperature is close to the lower limit of operating temperature range (0-50℃). In this situation, it is necessary to warm up the machine for 30 minutes before test.

Q: Why there is no character on the backlit screen?

A: Check if the power is well connected. Turn off the machine, unplug it and then plug it again for power supply, one second later, try to turn on the machine.

Q: The screen does not respond or responds incorrectly when click with stylus.

A: It is necessary to calibrate the screen. Please see chapter 2.5.2 “Calibrate Touch Screen” for details.

Q: What can I do when the screen is confused?

A: Please quit the current application (interface), and run it again. If the problem still exists, please restart the system.

Q: Why can’t the data be input after Soft Keyboard is activated

A: The position where the cursor locates can’t be edited. Or you have not activated the cursor in the input position, please use the stylus to click the part to edit. You can input the data if the cursor flashes.

Q: Why X-431 Diagun III fails in communication with ECU?

A: Please check and make sure that the diagnostic connector and diagnostic program are matching the vehicle make.

Q: Why the saved data disappeared?

A: There are two possible causes:

1. Your TF card is damaged.

2. You’ve changed language, which is related to the data. You may find the data after switching back to the former language.

Q: Screen of main unit flashes at engine ignition moment.

A: Caused by electromagnetic disturbance and this is normal phenomenon.

Q: Diagnose interrupted during diagnosing process.

A: Caused by electromagnetic disturbing or poor connecting.

Q: There is no response when communicating with on-board computer.

A: Please confirm the proper voltage of power supply and check if the throttle has been closed, the transmission is in the neutral position, and the water is in proper temperature.

Q: The systems equipped with the vehicle can not be diagnosed.

A: DLC of some early models is separated; refer to User’s Manual for details.