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launch x631 wheel aligner 8CCD

launch x631 wheel aligner 8CCD
launch x631 wheel aligner 8CCDlaunch x631 wheel aligner 8CCD
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Garage Equipment
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1 piece
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auto diagnostic tools obd
x631 8CCD
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  • Manufacturer Launch

  • Length 80 inch

  • Weight 350kg

Packging & Delivery

  • 150cm x 80cm x 40cm
  • Min Order1 piece


launch x631 wheel aligner 8CCD is Fast, simple, profitable, the 8-CCD sensor Wheel Aligner from Launch,Built-in wireless tech.


launch x631 wheel aligner 8CCD  is Fast, simple,profitable, the 8-CCD sensor Wheel Aligner from Launch, wireless data transferwith bluetooth technology or 433 MHz radio module, LIFTTIME internet update.


* Complete test: The X-631 Wheel Aligner can be used to measure the most wheel alignment parameters, such as front wheeltoe-in, front wheel camber, caster, Kingpin inclination, rear wheel toe-in,rear wheel camber, thrust angle, wheelbase difference, tread difference, axleoffset, front wheel setback and rear wheel setback, etc.

* Complete databank: Wheel alignment dataof over 10, 000 vehicle models is stored in the system. User can also add newdata to the databank.

* Kingpin and camber adjustment real timedisplay function.

* HELP information for vehicle adjustment.

* Language operating prompt function.

* Emergency power supply and in-time chargingfunction.

* The probe rods provide LCD displayfunction.

* Electronic level function.

* Black box self-diagnosis function.

* Front and rear probe rodsinterchangeable.

* Special test for Mercedes-Benz and BMWvehicles.


* Infrared 8-beam and 16-sensor loopmeasurement, accurate and stable.

* Newly developed CCD signal processingtechnology, nearly uninfluenced by the strong sunlight.

* Complete system upgrading function.

* Unique voice prompt function andvisualized animation, very easy to understand.

* Trustworthy operating system to give moreconvenient and safe operations.

* Keyboard quick switch operation.

* Both special version and common versionare provided for user to select.

* Both normal version and demonstrationversion are provided to make user's training more convenient and quick.

* Large capacity (4000mAh) Lithium batterywith low power consumption and dormancy mode of design.

* Camber, toe-in, battery electricityquantity, charging status and electronic level, etc. Can be real-time displayedby LCD.

* In-block type of casting Aluminum alloyprobe rods can strongly guarantee the stability and the test precision of theproduct.


Item Range

Front total toe-in ± 40

Front toe-in ± 20

Front camber ± 8.0

Caster ± 20

Kingpin inclination ± 20

Rear total toe-in ± 40

Rear toe-in ± 20

Rear camber ± 8.0

Thrust angle ± 5.0

Item specifics:

Place of Origin: China (Mainland)


Brand Name:LAUNCH

Model Name:launch x431

Item Width:80 inch

Item Height:80 inch


Item Length:80 inch

Item Weight:350 kg