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V138 JLR Mangoose Pro for Jaguar and Land Rover

V138 JLR Mangoose Pro for Jaguar and Land Rover
group name
Professional Diagnostic Tools
Min Order
1 piece
brand name
auto diagnostic tools obd
JLR Mangoose V138
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Thu, 31 Jul 2014 14:17:32 GMT


  • Brand Name JLR Mangoose V138

  • performance stable and excellent

  • lead time 1-3 days

  • Version V138

Packging & Delivery

  • 16cm x 10cm x 6cm
  • Min Order1 piece


V138 JLR Mangoose Pro for Jaguar and Land Rover, it is updated version of JLR MANGOOSE, support till 2014 year vehicle.


V138 JLR Mangoose Pro for Jaguar and Land Rover Support till 2014
Top 5 Reasons to Get V138 JLR Mangoose Pro:
1. Supports Windows XP and Win 7.
2. Software support multi-languages.
3. JLR Mangoose Pro support vehicle from 2005 to 2014 year.
4. Support for L316, L319, L320, L322, L359, L538 Land Rover vehicle lines.
5. Support for X100, X150, X202, X250, X350, X351, X400 Jaguar vehicle lines.


1. Data Lists
2. Active Tests
3. Monitor
4. Utility tests
5. Reprogramming
6. Diagnostics Trouble Codes
Bus Protocols:
1. J1850PWM / SCP
2. ISO9141 / KWP2000
4. Medium Speed CAN
5. CAN Bus (capable of ISO 15765, GMLAN, and ISO14229)
1. Dimensions: 3" x 1.75"
2. J2534 and J2534-1 compliant device driver
3. Commercial Range (0 to +70 C)
4. Operating Voltage: Bus-powered by USB
5. Host Interface: Full-speed 12 mbps USB 2.0 with J2534 device driver
Package Including:
1pc x Mangoose Pro Jaguar-Land Rover (JLR)
1pc x CD